Behind the scenes CRUMB 2.0

Behind the scenes CRUMB 2.0


Crumb takes you on a journey into film

CRUMB.FILM is a production company specialising in documentary and commercial film. Our mission is to tell relatable, grassroots, human stories with wide reaching implications and universal values.  Our mission is to have contributed positively to the narrative of our age, and to succeed in that most complex of tasks, communicating nuance to the broadest audiences.

The organisation was founded by Stuart Acker Holt and provides the vehicle for various projects such as The Most Interesting Person series (each interviewee nominating the next in an ongoing trail), as well as I HEART USA (The story of the 48 hours of the US presidential election highlighting role of media) and I HEART EUROPE (coming soon).  

Commercial clients include Philips, Ableton and ID&T. To hear more about Stuart’s inspiration behind CRUMB.FILM watch his TED Talk.